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Important Information

Meridian's online application may be saved and completed at a later date via the button at the bottom. You should be prepared to enter your personal information and academic history.

Please gather together the information and documents you need before you begin. Your letters of recommendation, personal statement, writing sample, resume, and financial aid application may be attached to the online application (when prompted), or submitted at a later date to

PART I: Applicant Information


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Application Specifications

Degree Program seeking enrollment in

Please select a concentration that is available within the degree program you are seeking to enroll in. Each program has different concentration availability.

Advanced Standing requires an M.A. in Psychology or its equivalent

Learning Format is selected per course by the student at the time of registration each quarter, based on availability. Please select the Learning Format you plan to enroll in.

PART II: Academic History

List all academic work completed since high school at any institution where you completed 12 or more units. Please list the most recent academic work first.

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PART III: References

Upload a Microsoft Word, Excel, or plain text document that has the following information for three (3) references:

  1. Full Name
  2. Position/Title
  3. Address
  4. Phone Number

PART IV: Additional Materials


Payment Information

To process your admissions application please submit a $50.00 admissions application fee. Please select your payment type preference and then submit the application to pay your fee.